My first blog😊!

As my first blog I wanted to write about self-care and taking time to look after yourself. Something I have learnt a lot about recently 😊! When I was designing my new Mummy MOT leaflets I thought ‘what message do I really want to get across here?’ and it was to look after yourself😊.

Taking time to address those niggles,those things that don’t quite feel right. The things that you maybe feel too busy at times to address but they really do bother you.

You are important.

So whether it be that niggly knee that makes your running less enjoyable or your tummy tone after having a baby or a little leaking when exercising,please do get the help you deserve.

At Physioadvantage we can help to address these things and much more. Please do contact me if you would like any more information on the services at Physioadvantage.

Thank you for reading my very first blog,

Leila x

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