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Home for the holidays 🌟

Let there be light
Do more with iRobot
Plug in
Do more with Husqvarna Automower

Don’t be a Scrooge 💰

Do more with Qapital
Five steps for saving with IFTTT
Do more with Alpaca

New year, new you 🎩

Spotlight on Welltory
Do more with Eight
Get moving with Fitbit
Do more with Strava

Cozy and warm inside 🔥

A very special Christmas with Home Connect
Do more with Honeywell Total Connect Comfort
ecobee + IFTTT

IFTTT for Business

IFTTT is the world’s leading integration and discovery platform for businesses to connect, grow, and maximize the value of their customers.

Connect to any of our 650 brands and services to instantly extend the feature set of your standalone offering.

Learn how ING Australia, Philips Hue, and Samsung leverage connectivity to drive engagement and increase revenue.👇

Dos and donts for a future proof connectivity strategy
Dos and donts for a future proof connectivity strategy
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