Great first day back in clinic after holiday!😊

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Great first day back in clinic after holiday!😊🙌 A bit of everything today; sports injury rehab,pregnancy massage,pelvic girdle pain, postnatal rehab and the Mummy MOT!😊👍 I'm demonstrating a few functional squat exercises and lunging exercises with control here for one of my postnatal clients 😊. Client's goal is to return to running and weight training postnatally and to address her right-side lower back pain. We're grading her exercise programme nicely to help her reach her goals 😊🙌🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️whilst also mobilising any areas of stiffness around her lower back and pelvis 😊👌 #sportsphysio #sportsrehab #pregnancymassage #pgp #pelvicpartnership #postnatalrehab #postnatalexercise #individualgoals #physioadvantage #themummymot

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Great first day back in clinic yesterday! 🙌

A bit of everything; sports rehab, pregnancy massage,pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy,postnatal rehab back to running and the MummyMOT!

There’s a little video here of me demonstrating some functional squats with progressions for postnatal rehab. Client’s goal is to get back to running and weight training after having a baby and also to address her right sided lower back pain. We are progressing her exercise programme whilst addressing any areas of tightness and stiffness around the back,pelvis and hips with manual therapy😊🙌

Please do get in touch for more information on sports rehab/postnatal rehab/the Mummy MOT 😊.

Have a great day!

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