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Learn how ING Australia, Philips Hue, and Samsung leverage connectivity to drive engagement and increase revenue.👇

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Dos and donts for a future proof connectivity strategy
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Another happy client today!😊🙌

Shoulder,neck and back pain can all be treated effectively with the right physiotherapy.

Sometimes these symptoms can be associated with nerve irritation which can also be treated well with physiotherapy.

For more information please do contact me:


All images shared with consent.

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Between 10pm and 12am PT on Thursday, November 14th, a number of services will be paused for maintenance.

Your Applets that depend on the paused services will not work during this timeframe. We expect the maintenance to last approximately 2 hours, after which your Applets will resume as normal.

Impacted Applets and services include:

For the latest information on performance and the maintenance, keep an eye on status.ifttt.com.

We apologize about the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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Postnatal rehab and the Mummy MOT!😊

I often get asked exactly what is a Mummy MOT so I made a little video clip which is on facebook and instagram!It is a thorough postnatal assessment including taking a full history of your pregnancies and deliveries and any other injuries you may have had. Then an assessment of your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles, posture and breathing is carried out. You will then be given a personalised exercise programme to help meet your exercise and functional goals.If you would like to book you Mummy MOT or if you would like any more information please do get in touch.Leila.holmes@physioadvantage.co.uk

Running after having a baby😊🏃‍♀️

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Running after having a baby!😊🏃‍♀️🤱 This is a pic of @alysiamontano who is a world class runner and Mom of 2😊. She's acknowledged that returning to running after having her babies has required paced rehabilitation and that her postnatal body has needed time to heal🙌 It's really important to recognise that your fitness level doesn't necessarily equate to your readiness -your body and every body needs time to heal and recover after having a baby 😊. Your MummyMOT will assess your abdominal and pelvic floor muscle function,your posture and breathing and will grade you back to your exercise level safely and effectively 😊🙌. I've included some video clips of some examples of more end stage post natal rehab back to running taken in clinic😊👍 Some lunging heel raises and some single leg sit-to-stands all with good pelvis and hip control 🙌👌. All videos shared with consent. There are fab Return to Running Postnatal Guidelines by some great physios @emmabrockwell @grainnedonnelly and @tomgroom 😊. For more information on antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy at Physioadvantage please do contact me or visit: www.physioadvantage.co.uk #antenatalphysio #runninginpregnancy #returntorunning #postnatalrunning #postnatalrehab #mummy_mot #physioadvantage

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Elite runner Alysia raising awareness of the need for safe and effective graded rehabilitation after having a baby.Your MummyMOT is a great way to start your rehab journey. 😊👌Getting your muscles and joints properly assessed after having a baby and then having a personalised exercise programme to suit your goals.🙌I’ve included some video clip examples of postnatal returning to running rehab in clinic😊.Please do contact me for more information 😊 .

Great first day back in clinic after holiday!😊

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Great first day back in clinic after holiday!😊🙌 A bit of everything today; sports injury rehab,pregnancy massage,pelvic girdle pain, postnatal rehab and the Mummy MOT!😊👍 I'm demonstrating a few functional squat exercises and lunging exercises with control here for one of my postnatal clients 😊. Client's goal is to return to running and weight training postnatally and to address her right-side lower back pain. We're grading her exercise programme nicely to help her reach her goals 😊🙌🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️whilst also mobilising any areas of stiffness around her lower back and pelvis 😊👌 #sportsphysio #sportsrehab #pregnancymassage #pgp #pelvicpartnership #postnatalrehab #postnatalexercise #individualgoals #physioadvantage #themummymot

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Great first day back in clinic yesterday! 🙌

A bit of everything; sports rehab, pregnancy massage,pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy,postnatal rehab back to running and the MummyMOT!

There’s a little video here of me demonstrating some functional squats with progressions for postnatal rehab. Client’s goal is to get back to running and weight training after having a baby and also to address her right sided lower back pain. We are progressing her exercise programme whilst addressing any areas of tightness and stiffness around the back,pelvis and hips with manual therapy😊🙌

Please do get in touch for more information on sports rehab/postnatal rehab/the Mummy MOT 😊.

Have a great day!

Exercise in Pregnancy Workshop

If you’re pregnant and would like to know more about the changes going on in your body and how to adapt your exercise during pregnancy then please do join us for our ‘Exercise in Pregnancy Workshop’!

I will presenting alongside the lovely Mim from Female Fitness Coaching. The workshop will include information on the changes that occur to our muscles and joints during pregnancy. Things we need to consider when exercising during pregnancy such as positioning and certain muscle activation and we will be able to answer any questions you may have. We make it a very interactive session to address the needs of people who attend 😊.

If you’d like to book a place or you would like more information then please do get in touch 😊.

Thank you!

Leila x