Running after having a baby😊🏃‍♀️

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Running after having a baby!😊🏃‍♀️🤱 This is a pic of @alysiamontano who is a world class runner and Mom of 2😊. She's acknowledged that returning to running after having her babies has required paced rehabilitation and that her postnatal body has needed time to heal🙌 It's really important to recognise that your fitness level doesn't necessarily equate to your readiness -your body and every body needs time to heal and recover after having a baby 😊. Your MummyMOT will assess your abdominal and pelvic floor muscle function,your posture and breathing and will grade you back to your exercise level safely and effectively 😊🙌. I've included some video clips of some examples of more end stage post natal rehab back to running taken in clinic😊👍 Some lunging heel raises and some single leg sit-to-stands all with good pelvis and hip control 🙌👌. All videos shared with consent. There are fab Return to Running Postnatal Guidelines by some great physios @emmabrockwell @grainnedonnelly and @tomgroom 😊. For more information on antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy at Physioadvantage please do contact me or visit: #antenatalphysio #runninginpregnancy #returntorunning #postnatalrunning #postnatalrehab #mummy_mot #physioadvantage

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Elite runner Alysia raising awareness of the need for safe and effective graded rehabilitation after having a baby.Your MummyMOT is a great way to start your rehab journey. 😊👌Getting your muscles and joints properly assessed after having a baby and then having a personalised exercise programme to suit your goals.🙌I’ve included some video clip examples of postnatal returning to running rehab in clinic😊.Please do contact me for more information 😊 .

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